About the author

Why this blog?  Why me?  Why now?

I’ve never been an on the bandwagon type person.  What I mean is I don’t indulge in new things right away just because it’s the thing or it’s a revolution.  I have to have a purpose for it in my life.  Ipods, for example, were foreign to me.  I didn’t know what they were years ago and I didn’t care.  I was the same way with the internet and blogs.  Once I found out what they were or could be used for, I cautiously indulged.

I’ve always had a desire to encourage people, to inspire them, and make them feel better about themselves.  Since I was able to recognize my surroundings and be conscious of my existence, I felt like I didn’t belong.  I felt like pain was my destiny.  I empathize and sympathize with anyone who has ever felt this way.  When I can change someone’s perspective because it will be beneficial, I jump at the chance, that is if I can actually help.

Right now in my life I have experienced what it’s like to lack abilities to remain valuable to the workforce.  My skills are not what they need to be.  Thus, I am living from paycheck to paycheck… if there is a paycheck.  I have been looking for a way to focus on what my purpose and calling is.  Even if things don’t work out financially, I want to be doing those things that make me come alive.  I believe being a catalyst for positive change in people is one of those things; writing, acting, inventing, and philanthropy are the others.  I hope that this blog will help me accomplish the former.

Although this blog is designed to give encouragement and enlightenment in a depressing world, it as well as my published works may use risky language at times.  If you may find this offensive, it is not meant to offend, and I hope that you can look beyond that and get the informative and at times entertaining value that I intend to provide.



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