Salvation is a three part process

Despite what some may believe, we are not called to prove that God exists.  I believe that only God can prove this.  We are instead called to give an account as to why we believe, namely, that salvation comes through Christ [1Peter 3:15, 16].  This, I believe, is a three part process.

First, the call of God must be on a person’s life.  He or she must be filled with the power of the Holy Spirit of God and sent purposefully to spread the gospel, not randomly of his or her own accord [Acts 16:6-10].

Second, the Holy Spirit must work between the parties and lead the encounter in the way the Spirit sees fit.  The person spreading the gospel must be humble and open to the flow of the Spirit of God [Acts 16:6-10].

Third, the person or people being preached to must be open to the Word of God and the work of the Holy Spirit, even if they don’t know of the Holy Spirit, their minds should be receptive to the message, in order to receive the seed and have it watered occasionally by other believers and or other circumstances [Acts 8:26-39].  If a person is to receive Christ and be saved, the above things must occur.

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Three things I never pray for

Recently, I wrote a blog about the ten tools to tread through tough times.  In the blog, one of the tools was faith.  Now, there are three things that I desperately need in my life yet I have learned not to ever pray for.  The ten tools, if you will recall, are: love, peace, joy, happiness, contentment, fulfillment, commonsense, intelligence, wisdom, and Faith.  Nine of these tools will automatically produce in your life the three things that I never pray for.

What are the three things?  Well, you know the first one.  It’s faith.  It is the last of the ten tools to tread through tough times.  The next one is hope.  The last thing is patience.  Through my experiences whenever I pray for these three things I am put in circumstances that call upon me to utilize and exercise these three things.

Thus, when I’m in a long line, I get anxious and need patience.  When I pray for hope and/or faith, it seems that I’m placed in demoralizing dilemmas.  I feel discouraged and defeated and I need hope to stay optimistic and faith that God is with me in order to keep me from making equally demoralizing decisions.  I have learned that I don’t need to pray for these things.  I only need to operate in the nine tools mentioned above and faith, hope, and patience will appear.

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Ten Tools To Tread Through Tough Times

There are ten tools I believe are necessary in order to do life right and to do life well.  They are: Love, Joy, Peace, Happiness, Contentment, Fulfillment, Commonsense, Intelligence, Wisdom, and Faith.

Six are necessary for emotional health and stability during tough times:  Love, Joy, Peace, Happiness, Contentment, and a sense of Fulfillment.

Three are necessary in order to develop mental strategies to learn, master, apply towards, and maneuver around tough times:  Commonsense, Intelligence, and Wisdom.

One is necessary for spiritual strength, support, and discipline needed to operate in all of the above tools:  Faith.

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The move of God vs. the mouth of man/woman

Suppose someone tells you, ‘I’ve got a word for you from God’?  Test it out first.  Ask God to reveal to you what this person has claimed.  Let the Lord lead you to or away from whatever this person claims.  Do not make any decisions until the move of God pulls you toward or away from it.  I can’t tell you personally how you’ll know.  You can ask God to show you in a way where you’ll know then wait for Him to show up.  You have to build up the spiritual muscle of allowing God to show up.  Plain and simply you must ask God to show you.  Be still until then!  Study: Matthew 7:7-11, 21:22; John 14:13, 16:24; James 1:6-8; and 1 John 5:14 for more inspiration.