Intimidated to speak boldly about your faith?

Reasons why you, me, and we might be afraid to speak confidently about Jesus and Christianity:

  1. We don’t spend time with God, thus,
  2. We have no revelation about our personal life,
  3. We have no inspiration to be led to say certain things to people who ask us to give an account as to why we believe.
  4. We don’t study apologetics
  5. We don’t study scholarly information about religion, spirituality, and metaphysics
  6. We don’t study science and scientific things, so,
  7. We can’t be intelligent and spiritual at the same time
  8. We have no fear of God, so,
  9. We’re not living right
  10. We are not convicted by the Holy Spirit, thus,
  11. We’re not loving right
  12. We have no knowledge of:
  13. Jewish history
  14. Greek history
  15. Bible history
  16. The fulfilled prophecies of Jesus and
  17. The fulfilled bible prophecies

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